Problems Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Face when Seeking Finance

As a result of an exceptionally well attended media briefing that USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP) hosted on July 26, in cooperation with the Olaf & McAteer PR Agency, numerous media outlets have continued to report on the possible benefits of improved access to finance for MSMEs. In the wake of the media briefing, a USAID BEP expert was invited by two media outlets to discuss challenges in accessing finance and proposed solutions. The USAID BEP expert spoke about introducing microfinance and equity financing, and expanding alternative financial sources for MSMEs on N1 and Pink TV stations, reaching viewers across Serbia. Additionally, this topic was well covered by many national, regional, and local news outlets, primarily newspapers. These activities are a part of an outreach campaign USAID BEP has engaged in, in order to educate the private sector and inform the public at large on the possible financial sources for MSMEs, including those that exist in neighboring countries, and what they mean for the competitiveness of these nations’ economies.



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