For Stronger Ethics and Integrity in Inspection Oversight

The findings of the latest (2016) Business Survey conducted by USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP) indicate the need for continuing implementation of mechanisms to prevent corruption in inspection bodies. To respond to this need, after a series of meetings with the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACAS) and internal control officers of several inspection bodies, USAID BEP has developed an Analysis of Corruption Prevention, Ethics and Integrity Strengthening Mechanisms in Inspections. The Analysis builds on findings of corruption surveys and discusses relevant international experiences and the existing regulatory framework and practice, and provides recommendations for introducing and improving anti-corruption mechanisms. In the next step, USAID BEP will develop draft anti-corruption, ethics and integrity regulations for inspections, based on recommendations outlined in the Analysis, and deliver these documents to the Inspection Oversight Coordination Commission for endorsement. USAID BEP also intends to deliver another round of anti-corruption, ethics and integrity training for inspectors in September, in cooperation with the ACAS and the Inspection Oversight Coordination Commission Support Unit.



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11.08.2017 - For Stronger Ethics and Integrity in Inspection Oversight

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