USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP) Helps Serbia Adopt Smart Inspection Practices

From May 31 to June 2, USAID BEP organized a study tour to the Netherlands for Serbian inspection reform leaders. The Serbian delegation consisted of staff of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government, key members of the Inspection Oversight Coordination Board and staff of its Support Unit, and USAID BEP’s inspection reform team. The Dutch inspection system served as a major model for the reform of Serbia’s inspection oversight system, and provided guidelines for implementation and future inspection reform activities. Participants in this study tour were able to learn about the operations and plans of key Dutch inspection institutions: the Inspection Council and Inspection Bureau (its support office), and inspectorates in charge of labor, health, food, consumer goods, environmental protection, transportation, and education. The participants learned about the progress made with the use of risk-based supervision, planning and reporting, reducing administrative burdens, use of IT, inspector training, compliance communication, preventive vs. punitive inspections, transparency, and performance measurement, as well as about the most recent developments designed to improve inspection operations. The delegation also heard the business community’s views on inspections in the Netherlands. The participants’ newly acquired knowledge and experiences will enable them to better oversee and manage implementation of the Law on Inspection Oversight and shape future policies, practices, and procedures to be developed by Serbian inspectorates, ministries, and the Inspection Oversight Coordination Commission, in line with best international practice.




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