USAID Business Enabling Project (USAID BEP) Introduces Serbian e-Government Champions to Best International Practices

The “Once-Only” principle is the next frontier for e-Governance in the European Union. This principle means that, once a member of the public or business has given information to a public administration entity, all other public bodies are required to obtain the information from that entity, which effectively relieves individuals and businesses from having to provide the same information to multiple authorities, unlike at present. With annual costs for the European Commission estimated at around EUR 2.2 million, and for all European Union (EU) member states at some EUR 5.9 million, the Once-Only principle is poised to save EU citizens 855,000 hours annually and bring annual benefits to businesses of between EUR 11 and EUR 55 million. This is one of the key messages of the 2017 Tallinn e-Governance Conference, which took place on May 30 and 31. USAID BEP organized the participation in this conference of champions of eGovernment in Serbia, including representatives of the Serbian Business Registries Agency (responsible for administering the e-Construction Permitting System), Government of Serbia Delivery Unit IT Section, National Alliance for Local Economic Development (which plays a leading role in developing Serbia’s upcoming e-Government Action Plan), and the Government of Serbia General Secretariat’s IT Department.

A USAID BEP representative presented results of the introduction of e-Construction Permits as a best practice from Serbia to the Conference, which was attended by 350 participants from 115 countries.




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