The USAID Business Enabling Project includes a Grants Under Contract mechanism for an amount of up to $2.2 million.  Grants to non-profit, for-profit, research, and academic organizations are anticipated in order to support analyses, conferences, workshops, publications, research, study tours, trainings and seminars. Grants are also anticipated for the purchase of ICT hardware and/or software for use by governmental and non-governmental organizations.  
The overall objective of the Grants Program is to assist policy makers, business representatives, experts, and others to improve the business enabling environment and macroeconomic framework. The grants will provide technical assistance and training to improve the business enabling environment, support macroeconomic stability, further develop financial markets, and improve and increase business and financial management capacities within government and business.

Organizations that will be eligible for grants under this program may include:

  • Legally registered Serbian and U.S. Organizations (third-country organizations may be considered on a case-by-case basis);
  • Non-profit/NGO, educational institutions, or commercial/for-profit organizations with a clear understanding that no profit will be paid under the grant agreement;
  • In some cases, Serbian government entities may be eligible for grants. Grants to governmental organizations will be used to provide in-kind assistance only. For example, grants to governmental organizations are anticipated for the purchase of ICT hardware and/or software to assist governmental organizations provide information and services online so that procedures are streamlined and transparent. Under grants to governmental organizations, the USAID Business Enabling Project will conduct all procurements on behalf of the grantee and transfer the equipment in-kind.

Eligible organizations must also adhere to the following requirements:

  • Demonstrate an ability to contribute to the objectives of the USAID Business Enabling Project and perform the award in accordance with USAID and Cardno principles and practices;
  • Display sound financial, administrative, and technical management in the form of a system of controls that safeguards assets, protects against fraud and waste, and supports the achievement of the USAID Business Enabling Project’s objectives;
  • Sign all mandatory certifications;
  • Understand that no profit will be paid under the grant agreement.

Depending on the objectives of grant activities, eligibility may be further restricted to local or regional organizations as appropriate. In these instances, the solicitation document will specify such eligibility requirements.

Solicitation documents envisaged by the Grant Program are Annual Program Statement (to be published once per year) and Requests for Applications (will be published several times per year).

Solicitation documents will be posted publicly on the USAID Business Enabling Project website and/or advertised in newspapers.




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