The USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP) offers its counterparts within the Government of Serbia (GoS) the Management Assistance Program (MAP) that includes executive coaching and tailor-made management training program. This Program is offered through the Serbian Management Center. MAP provides BEP counterparts with an integrated approach to management improvement that leads to greater administrative efficiency.

Executive Coaching

USAID BEP and the Serbian Management Center offer executive coaching for senior Government executives. Executive coaching involves developing leadership abilities, management techniques, and communications skills. The coaching is offered to sector decision makers (assistant ministers, state secretaries, office heads and departmental leaders of partner sectors). Coaching includes one-on-one sessions between the sector leader and an experienced coach, that aim to identify key challenges of the sector, and to facilitate the process of changes acknowledged as crucial for further improvement of the sector efficiency. Coaching sessions are organized on a bi-weekly basis, for a period of up to three months.

Management Training

Management training is tailor-made and sector based. It targets professional staff in partner sectors, and is highly dependent on leadership commitment. Management training of sectoral staff is closely connected to executive coaching of sector leaders, and only when combined can these two program components can produce tangible results. The basic training package includes strategic management, cost-benefit analysis for public administration, communication and public performance skills, and project and change management (at least four modules, lasting two days each). Besides basic modules, advanced trainings could be organized based upon sector specific needs and might include performance management, program budgeting, leadership and negotiation skills, etc. Each module lasts for two full training days, and the full training program may last for up to three months.

The pilot Management Assistance Program (MAP) has been implemented during May and June 2013. It resulted in improved communication, and led to better planning and more efficient execution of complex sectoral tasks. In the upcoming second round of MAP, USAID BEP and the Serbian Management Center will work with each selected counterpart to develop and provide tailor-made advanced trainings for professional staff integrated with coaching sessions for sector leaders. We expect that this approach would contribute to the increase of accountability, improve individual and team performance, and promote positive transformation both at an individual and sector level. We believe that these efforts will help BEP counterparts to more successfully implement new strategies, policies and legislation, and create better governmental services for businesses in Serbia.




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